The Rise And Fall Of Castillo

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The rise and fall of Castillo!!
Once upon a time there was just a world where it was dark and filled with water until god decided he wanted to create people to pray to him and praise him so he made five villages of about 100 people. As god was creating them he thought about what they would eat and how they would be if they had light and animals. So god separated the night and dark and he also made a large garden in the middle of the five villages and put different fruit trees and animals from in the water to the sky. Now god loved that the people were praying to him every day to thank him for the wonderful place they have. One day god decided he was going to test the people’s faith to see if they truly meant what they said about them never turning their back on him or never forsaking him. He told the sun and ocean to get rid of all the resources. The Castillo people were left in the complete dark with no food or water. The people still continued to pray to god and worship him. As days went on the people started to get hungry and tired of the darkness so they started blaming and accusing god of taking all their wonderful blessing away. God became highly upset and decided to send the people a message by sending a lion which was known as the protector of the earth. “God has taken away all your resources because he wanted to test you and see if you were really for him or the material items.” Then the lion disappeared. The people of the town became even angrier with god because they could not believe god would try to kill them for no reason. God became even more upset and decided to send them another message this time he sent an eagle which was known as the protector of