The Role Of Isolation In Frankenstein

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The Role of Isolation in Shaping Characteristics
In literature, the social setting always has somewhat major influence on the development of the character. Some characters take advantages of interactions with others in the society and excel in life. Many, on the other hand, are benefited from isolation because isolation gives them an opportunity to wholly focus on themselves. Characters portrayed in most literature pieces are spiritually, physically or geographically isolated. In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein chooses to be isolated because he wants to concentrate on science in an intensive manner. In contrast, the Monster has an idiosyncratic identity which is unacceptable by the majority of human beings.
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Interestingly enough, Victor does not have a favorable impression on the Monster that he has been passionate about for years. Probably, Victor has already regretted that he should not create that monster as “his heart palpitated in the sickness of fear, and hurried on with irregular steps, not daring to look” (Shelley 36). Victor is shocked by the “gigantic stature” (Shelley 32). In particular, Victor “doubted at first whether he should attempt the creation of a being like himself”, but his “imagination eventually permit him to doubt of his ability to give life to an animal as complex and wonderful as man” (Shelley 32). Motivated by the spirits of pursuing unlimited scientific knowledge, Victor believes that the creation of Monster would be a success. Victor has a commitment to creating the Monster merely for pursuing his own scientific knowledges. However, Victor sacrifices his social life and health because of his creation. He continues to ignore the social surroundings. Building the monster seems easier to Victor than developing social skills with others. But, Victor never expresses any interest in communicating with people. Moreover, Victor even demonstrates a bit apathy towards his family which may seem like Victor does not need any social relationship. If Victor really pushes the limitation of knowledge, he should also carry the similar spirit for seeking knowledge on communications. Moreover, Victor’s “cheek [has] grown pale with study” as devoting his life to the success of creation. As he acknowledging that “one secret which he also possessed was the hope to which he had dedicated himself” (Shelley 32), Victor could only use hope to comfort his failure at this point. He contributes and sacrifices everything on him for the creation, while the result is not worthy. He tries to convince himself that he has