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domestic violence

every nine seconds in the world a woman is beaten or assault.
Every three children die daily in the US as a result of abuse and neglect. Domestic violence is the infliction of physical by one member from the house or more on another also a habit that is repeated more than once. Some of them believe that using violence will end up their problem and they start hitting, beating with a belt, slaming against a wall, burning with cigarettes, scalding with hot water, locking in a dungeon, hog-tying , torturing, even killing. violence in family can take many forms can also develop in many ways like physical harm and aggression against a person in the family; threats intimidation, stalking and other more. Domestic violence occurs in all economic ethinic and social backgrounds. A domestic violence awareness has increase as is evident that daily happens that a member of a family has to suffer all incidents of violence. there is a percentage that men who witnessed his childhood of domestic abuse are more violent and more aggressive as they learned the behavior from their parents and begin assaulting his victim as well as verbal and physical and especially those man whom feels with power and want to take control over their family and start saying with anger obscene words for examples; if you do not bring me dinner I'll kill you, kid if you dont do good at school I'll slap you in the face. Aggressors try to dominate and abuse innocents people