The Stingray Research Paper

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products or objects that are used to signal one’s place in society. Riding around with my brother’s friends this weekend in his Chevy stingray sports car.
On Friday my brother’s friends took me for a ride in his stingray. The stingray is a car that cost around $80,000; it is the most expensive car that I have ever ridden in my life. While driving around downtown Iowa City, I noticed a lot of people looking at the car and me. Most had a look of aww or of envy. This product symbolizes a person that has money or in the higher class in society. The average American cannot afford a fast and awesome car like this. The Stingray signals high class and elitism in American society. Expensive items tend to be seen as having more value and power in American society. Everybody once the best products, but most come with a cost. Status symbol is an important concept, because it shows the value that products have on consumers in society. Status symbol products usually serve an utilitarian value, but also have
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I realized that this concept related well to my cousins wedding that I just attended this past weekend. My cousin Audra met her husband while they were both at Iowa State University. They met freshman year in the dorms and had the same major. They are both from middle class farm families from the Midwest. Even though both of them are very smart and talented, they can both be considering as coming from the same class. Homogamy is a good concept to understand for this class, because it is usually true. Most married couples are very similar when it comes to class. And that makes perfect since, because when people meet and fall in love, they usually meet and share similar interest. People tend to do things that fit in their class systems and values. That is the same when it comes to shopping, people will shop in similar places that they can afford to purchase. Marry someone that has similar