The Storm Essay

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The Storm

I sat alone at the back of the tacky school bus as per usual, my head bent over my iPod and my fringe covering my eyes like a blind fold. My knees were pulled closely up to my chest and my hands were shoved deep inside my pockets as I tried my best to keep warm. You could tell it was Monday as everyone was slumped morbidly into the uncomfortable seats still half asleep. Round shaped rubber buds blasted the symphony of screaming voices and loudly played guitars in to my ears as I started out the window contemplating whether today was going to be as bad as every other day in the hell hole known as school. For most teenagers, school is the place where you can socialise and have fun, because supposedly, school days are the best days of your life, but that definitely does not apply to me. You could say I’m different to everybody else, or maybe everybody else is different to me, but either way I’m different. I don’t tend to like people, and people don’t tend to like me. It’s always been like that. Even through primary school, I was the one person who’d sit on there own in the canteen or sit at the back of the classroom scared to even raise my hand. I guess it’s because of people like Jordan Evans. School is like a kingdom to him, full of kids willing to do anything to please him. Me on the other hand, really couldn’t care less about him, which is probably why he hates me so much. The creaky bus pulled to a halt in front of a group of chatty girls who were obviously catching up on the weekend’s gossip and of course, Jordan and his ‘worshipper’s. He stepped on to the bus and walked hastily down the narrow isle, his footsteps pounding so hard against the floor, I just managed to hear them over my music. The rest of the bus was silenced by his arrival. He shouted something in my direction, probably one of his pathetic excuses of an insult which he always seems to throw at me whenever I’m unlucky enough to be near him. I didn’t reply of course, I just let the words bounce off me, like bullets hitting a shield. I stayed silent and unmoving, not even blinking as I continued to stare