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Act #2 Conspiracy

Thesis/Interpretation: In Act 2 of Shakespeare’s The Tempest illustrates conspiracy. So much fighting among the crew members, leads to fight for power amongst themselves for themselves. 1. The conspiracy to murder Alonso is developed, which established that Antonio is still an unpleasant character.
b. With everyone trying to be the next king, plotting to get the next man out of office seems like the best way to gain power. Being that, Sebastian is trying conspire with Antonio to kill Alonso so that he can be king.
c. “Thy case, dear friend, shall be my precedent. As thou gott’st Milan, I’ll come by Naples. Draw thy sword. One stroke shall free from the tribute which thou payest, and I the king shall love thee”(270). They plot to kill Alonso but with the conspiracy to have the murders fall in the hands of Gonzalo. “Draw together and when I rear my hand, do you the like to fall it on Gonzalo”(275).
d. Antonio begins to concoct a plan to get his brother kingship and since Alonso is very far away in Tunis Sebastian might be able to inherit the crown with only two murders those of Alonso and Gonzalo.
e. With every one conspiring to kill one other to move up a level in the throne. With the blame not in their hands but on the account of someone else. 2. A warning to conspiring is revealed from a spirit Ariel to warn Gonzalo the danger he is in.
a. Ariel hears the conspirators plan and wakes Gonzalo up to warn him of the danger that he will encounter. She reveals to…