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Alonso (The King of Naples), Sebastian (Alonso’s brother), Ferdinand (Alonso’s brother), Antonio, Gonzolo and others are all on board a ship, which is battling a huge storm. They are likely to die by shipwreck.

Propsero and his daughter Miranda are on an island near the storm. Propsero has created the storm that is battling Alonso and company’s ship. Miranda asks her father to stop the storm. Prospero tells Miranda that he was once the Duke of Milan, but was banished to this island with Miranda by Antonia, his brother who took over Prospero’s dukedom of Milan.

Ariel, Prospero’s magic fairy, tells us that the men onboard the ship have all made it ashore unharmed as planned. Caliban, a misformed beast is introduced. Ariel leads Ferdinand to Miranda and the two immediately fall in love. Prospero decides to be rude to Ferdinand, fearful of too rapid a courtship.


The rest of the shipwreck wake up on the island. They are surprised that their clothes smell and feel as fresh as if they had just been bought from the market.

Ariel’s song puts them all to sleep again except for Sebastian and Antonio. Antonio, who replaced his brother Prospero as Duke of Milan, manipulates Sebastian (King Alonso’s brother) into doing the same thing by replacing King Alonso. The two are about the kill Alonso in his sleep but Ariel awakens everybody and the two men quickly make an excuse for drawing their swords out, saying they saw a lion.

Trinculo, a jester on the ship, discovers Caliban and quickly realizes that such a beast would earn a fortune for him as a novelty in England. Stephano, Trinculo's friend eventually finds Trinculo under Caliban's huge frame. Stephano gives Caliban alcohol, causing Caliban to think Stephano is more powerful than Prospero whom Caliban hates. The three men set off together later deciding to kill Prospero.


Prospero who is now invisible to Ferdinand and Miranda, witnesses Ferdinand and Miranda expressing their deep love for one another in words that rival Romeo and Juliet in their tenderness. Ferdinand, realizing he is witnessing a truly rare meeting of hearts, approves of Ferdinand for his daughter. The scene ends with Ferdinand taking Miranda for his wife. Prospero is pleased but must now leave to attend to matters before supper.
Bottle in hand, Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban continue on their merry way together. Stephano starts getting delusions of grandeur, which Caliban blindly follows. Trinculo thinks Caliban is being foolish to follow Stephano so blindly. Caliban succeeds in convincing Stephano into killing Prospero and taking over the island and suggests several gruesome ways of killing Prospero. Ariel lures the group away with his entrancing sounds...
Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Adrian and Francisco and others witness a banquet on the island but it is an illusion. Ariel returns and verbally punishes Alonso (King of Naples),…