The French And Indian War

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The True Scoundrels
The French and Indian War was a major war that took place in 1756 and came to its end in 1763. It was a war of great wins and loses. It all started when the French could not be honorable and had to steal the British’s land that was just given to them by the Half-King. The British went to where the Half-King was located in order to try to obtain this piece of land called the Ohio River Valley. The Half-King was a very respected Indian ruler who was in charge of the Ohio River Valley. Whoever got the Ohio River Valley got the control of what went up and down the river and what kind of supplies were imported and exported. Transportation was very important so you can see why the forks of the Ohio were a very wanted location, both nations wanted control over.
When the British went to visit the Half-King, it took over several weeks before he would actually give it to them. A Series of gifts would be exchanged in order to give respect to each other. While trying to do it honorably, the French had another idea.
The French did not personally care whether they got the valley the right way or not. In their minds. whoever got there first got dibs. As soon as the Indians gave the British the land, the French went and stole it out from under their feet. When this happened, the Half-King, who was an important person, felt humiliated. Having felt this way, he thought he should have to do something to gain back his dignity.
The British went back to their homeland to gather the supplies they needed to build their soon to be colony. When the British figured out their land had been stolen, they went to the Half-King for advice. The Half-King was infuriated. He wanted to forcefully take back the land that was his to give away. The land that he gracely gave to the British, not the French. Little did they know, the French had an army awaiting them. I think the French knew what they were doing stealing the land. It was no accident. If it was, they would