The Usa Patriot Policy Paper

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The USA Patriot policy paper
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The USA Patriot policy paper
The Patriot policy developed, after the horrible events of 9/11 attacks. It was in power to ensure that Americans would never have to deal with a tragedy as such again happening, to our beloved society and citizens. That we will protect and secure from the United States enemies and will be better equip, to prevent threats and attacks that are foreign and domestic. A paper we will discuss our point, of view of the Patriot Act and the related legislation that deal with the following areas. Like the Societal implications of the USA PATRIOT law and similar legislation limiting daily behaviors. Next are the worries associated to race, ethnicity, sexual
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Because the public is concerned not guilty unless proven otherwise and should not have to deal with being racially profiled by officials of law enforcement because of their ethnic background. Other people believe there is no concern with the patriot act worries associated to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and beliefs as they identify with police agencies and security services. For the reason, it does not just target immigrant and other races in society. For the reason, everyone, in society is the unjustly targeted by giving the federal government more authority. The legislature that created, the patriot act uses the citizen’s fears for 9/11 so that they can make laws that take away the people civil rights. The government takes right away from the entire public not because, of his or her ethnic background or because of them being an immigrant (debate, 2016). Patriot Act has many up on the downs, to it and makes people of the different race in the immigrant communities feel that the law is unfair to them. Because of the police and security service, have authority can suspect them of being an illegal immigrant or terrorist also have connections to them. However, everybody mistreated, the same way by the government and by law enforcement and security service because of the policy. This law has brought some significant issues in the society and has caused, so many people worry