Security Against Terrorism Essay

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Joshua Cruz
Security Changes in Response to Terrorism
Capstone Project
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This paper refers to the security changes, which occurred after the morning of September 11, 2001. It also provides a detailed description of the terrorist attacks that changed America forever, along with the attacks, which have taken place throughout the History of the United States. Many Changes took place to improve security for our nation, to prevent future attacks from taking place. All these major changes discussed throughout the paper, concluding with how United States Security is today.

Security Changes in Response to Terrorism
On September 11, 2001 the world, witness the most horrific terrorist attack on America soil. The tragic event was the attack on the World Trade Center Towers, which killed thousands of people and would change America forever. What if all those lives lost that day or in other terrorist attack in the past have been prevented by having additional security or just by simply just sharing vital information? Since the horrific attacks, agencies across the country in the public and private security sectors have greatly affected by this major terrorist attack. The attacks on the World Trade Center would dramatically change how terrorism protected and investigated against in America. The attacks on the World Trade Center provided a deadly example of the security vulnerability, as well as crippling effects that a lack of information sharing can have on our protection agencies. According to the September 11, 2011 commission reports, “The tragic events of September 11, 2001, could have been avoided. The intelligence failures that made it possible for the hijacking of four commercial aircraft by foreign al Qaeda members operating inside the United States were not borne by any single agency or any single individual”(Zakheim,2011). Because of the failures, there where various number of suggested ideas in the reports to eliminate the risk of another terrorist attacking on United States soil. One of the major changes that where witch suggested affected all agencies was the unity of effort. This is described as the "coordination and cooperation among all" intelligence agencies working "toward a commonly recognize objective” (Zakheim, 2011). America was currently facing major changes; terrorist activity and funding became closely investigated. The terrorist threat separated into three groups; Individuals motivated by an ideology promoted by Al Qaeda or other groups, which were homegrown were the most serious threat. Followed by individuals who would come to the United States to gain money to conduct terrorist operations on U.S soil or abroad; and individuals who have positions both in the United States and overseas carrying out operations in various areas would all be closely monitored (Downing, 2012). In response to the reports by the commission, legislatives were past to improve the passing of information with state and federal agencies. Several major administrative changes took place after the attacks in order to be able to investigate and protect against terrorism to keep the United States of America safe from enduring another attack.

Over the history of United States of America, it has endured a lengthy history of terrorism on U.S soil, dating back to 1867. (Propect, 2012) Although the methods of the attacks have changed dramatically over time, the overall concept remains the same. According to an article on Prospect, ideological radicals from both sides often use terrorist attacks to draw our nation’s attention to political cause, to protest policy, and most of all to install fear in society. During one of the famous earlier terrorist attacks, Los Angeles Times Bombing, dynamite placed caused the ignition of the natural gas lines. (Propect, 2012) This event, which carried out by union activist, James and John McNamara, resulted in the death of 21individuals. As