The Virtual and Collaborative Teams Essay

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The goal of group brainstorming is to accumulate an abundance of ideas. Communicative, perceptual and cognitive processes are arranged to form a socio-technical system that may help produce more and better creative ideas (Wang, Dan, Susan 2010). However, group dynamics greatly influence the efficacy of group brainstorming. Furthermore, brainstorming group members are encouraged to combine other ideas into their own and to build on the ideas of others and develop those ideas further (Boddy, 2008). In reality, as far as I am concerned, identifying new ideas can be difficult for a team due to individuals’ limited vision and time. Moreover, group members also find it hard to express their ideas if there remain some silent participants though they got some important ideas in their mind. According to the SIAM model (developed by Nijstad and Wolfgang, 2006), incentive ideas will increase the availability of semantic information, while reducing the time needed for information search memory. For example, during a group discussion a member just listens to the others but they do not take part in that group discussion though they have the ideas and skills. Hence, I can conclude by stating that idea generation requires cognitive psychological process which will help to bring valuable insights and it will also help to enhance group level information processing and performance.

Wang, H-C. , Fussell, S. R., & Setlock, L. D. (2010), Idea Expander: Supporting Group