The Wars Essay

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Fighting the Elements: The Road to Belgium Fog is a condition taken for granted during the common day, but is a compelling term in literature if examined in a scope of depth analysis. Although some may say fog is just a cloud lying low, it truly is more than that. Fog is formed as a result of two different temperatures, which differentiate the atmosphere between earth and sky, forming a barrier we know as fog. In Findley’s novel, The Wars, fog plays a role in the second book as it reflects the situation going on as Ross and his men are on their way to Belgium. This sounds familiar right? The use of fog is in fact a literary device known as pathetic fallacy. Fog symbolizes confusion, the unknown, danger and the approach of death; all which are thoughts and fears which have most likely been going through the minds of the soldiers travelling along the road. Not only is it the soldiers which fear the unknown, the horses do as well. According to Presley Love “The horse symbolizes wisdom and wonder.” (Love, 1) As Robert travels along the road, the passage of the birds makes his horse jump out of fear, causing him to get off the animal and stand in the fog. “Then he left it standing there and struck out into the fog alone” (Findley, 77) Horses are known to be loyal creatures, but yet Ross’s horse had failed him in times he needed it the most. This is due to its fear of the unknown, which causes the animal to be afraid, and “abandon” its master in order for its own security and self-satisfaction.…