The War on Tomato Wars Essay

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Have you ever wonder if there could actually be a trading war between Mexico and the United States? What does War actually mean? War is a state of armed forces or unarmed force that conflicts between different nations and states or within each other. And why a trading war between our long time neighbors? You could call it a free trade food fight with Mexico and the United States. There is an agreement with the north America were trading will be not taxable between Canada, Unite States and Mexico. The organization is called NAFTA (North America Free Trade) which as began in 1996. In an article called “Tomato Wars: US May Side the Florida Farmers in Tomato Fight” published in September 28th of 2012 as mention “The U.S. Commerce Department indicated that it may end a 16 year trade agreement with Mexican tomato farmers. That decision would hand Florida farmers a major victory in the ongoing and bitter tomato war between Mexico and the U.S.”
In today’s date Mexico farming as increased in producing their food products drastically. Stuart who works for agricultural marking service has said, “Mexican green housing as increase 121 percent more than last year.”(Johnson) Were Florida as not improved because of their change of climate and situations of the hard battle between Mexico imports. Example, Steve Banner who owns a family farm growing tomatoes as said “they are delivering product way faster we can handle.” He also says “it is hitting us way to hard.” Another farmer named Jim Alderman also mentions the prices in tomatoes sales “Mexico is delivering a 20 pound bulk of a price at $3.85 were he is trying to break even with a sale of $12 dollars a bulk.” (Johnson) Now that the elections are coming up, this ongoing argument is being brought up more than ever. In the article “Us May side the Florida Farmers in Tomato Fight” said “Mexico is accusing the U.S of playing politics with tomatoes.” The U.S Farmers who are furious in how Mexico is producing there product and how they don’t have any strict regulation like the U.S does. Therefore, they need help by the upcoming politicians to support their views. One viewer said “Mexico was a neutral in World War 2 and they are not helping us in Afghanistan. Where were they in Iraq?”(Wingfield, Cattan) The Mexico’s ambassador to the U.S, Arturo Sarukhan said “The decision in making the process certainly seems one sided, and seems to be dictated by politics rather than policy,”
These decision could generate a fire war were thing could go very bad to our nation and to the economy. “In the dispute of the trucking transportation caused many