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To protect the trees, the water, and our air we have to do something.
I once was in an after school club called F.I.S.H. our job was to help protect the environment in the ways we could. It did not mean to go out to protest on streets or write an article on the newspaper . No, we were going to make composite bins, talk on the morning announcement. We started by talking about ways to help our world. I had decided to never drink out of plastic water bottles. Because my teacher said that when they're is too many bottles to recycle they take it to India, where the people there put it in a pile in a deserted backyard! I became a great fan of F.I.S.H and participated in every activity I could. This was the first time I had realized that our environment is in grave danger.
Now that I've learned more about our environment I think I should share it out to everyone, here in JVB.
There are many things that cause our environment to suffer. Air pollution, global warming, acid rain, fossil fuels, dirt water, and more. We can help stop some of this.
Air pollution is very effective our environment, air pollution is causing the weather in different area's to change. This is effecting the plant and animals: in backyards, deserts, forests and more. We could think that the weather is not changing drastically, it is true that weather is not changing a lot but it is; the more pollution the more change. I think that if you want help change this habit, then go for it. You should start biking or walking to school, if weather doesn't permit or if not possible then carpool; the best way to carpool is to make sure that the basic number of seats (no back or added) are filled. Reduce trips to grocery, mall, stores, etc. And that's a good start.
Acid rain, this is effecting humans, plants, and animals a lot. The rain is toxic and can cause harm to humans and animals. Here's how; take the example of the Pacific Ocean: Pollution or dust is wisped in by the wind and mixes into the water; later on the water starts evaporating taking the pollution or dust with it. As they start condensing the acid water/( water with pollution) starts to break down into small droplets; once it rains the acid water is then called acid rain. It could fall in rivers, ponds, oceans, and more as the cycle starts all over again. As you know there BP oil