The N Word Essay

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The N Word Sadly the N word is used by so many people even while complimenting each other or by simply exchanging greetings. Many rappers especially black ones have gained momentum in the field of music by using this bad word in many of their music videos. They don't understand the terrible history of this word which affected many of their own ancestors. The N word comes from the Spanish/Portuguese language which means black. When black people were first brought from Africa the ships carrying them were called N word ships or, black ships. Eventually the word was used on the black slaves and still to this day this word is used by black people and other races. The N word has gone to new levels in our present day generation and by mentioning it in a song will make it ineligible for an award. Too bad rappers who find the N word to be a smash hit to music lovers. I believe that black people, today's youth, and our world need to stop using this disgusting word and eliminate it from our speech and vocabulary. One thing that truly saddens me is that the N word quoted by many authors and journalists is the, "signature phrase of racial discrimination."

The black race has written books, petitions, and raised many racial cases on the N word. But never have they looked at themselves and truly understand that they say the word more than other races put together. Present day black people use the slang term of the N word, "nigga," which they use to refer to one another. In the past black people fought for civil rights and to break the barriers of discrimination but they are rebuilding those broken barriers by saying this tiny but powerful word. Rap is art to black people and truly is amazing when putting words into a rhyme. But when they include the N word in this rap it goes through the mind and stays there for a period of time and is used in their vocabulary.

Young people today are the most easily influenced group out of all the age groups. The N word has popped into the speech of all kids at least once in their life. How could youth be easily influenced by a word when it's banned in most of their houses? Simple the word is carried around by