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Sublist 1 - List of words Analyze v. (analysis n.) Constitute v. institute compose establish (constitution n.) Establish v. establishment n. Indicate v. show signify (indication n. symptom)

occur v. happen ,take place (occurrence n.) role n. approach v. n. context n. estimate individual v. n. evaluate calculate esteem mature assess reckon examine adj. n. personal particular

percent n. rate section n. v.=divide area n. field portion division part paragraph sector

contract v. n. agreement evident n. (evidential adj.) interpret v. explain construe expound period n. term assess v. evaluate estimate measure appraise (assessment n.) create v. innovate export v. (exportation) involve v. implicate participate policy n. principle plan

significant a. unique considerable substantial momentous assume v. presume hypothesize (assumption n.) data n. similar with inventory(in a place~) statistic factor n. element issue n. problem principle n. discipline tenet similar to a. authority n. parallel a. analogous to/with (similarity n.) source (definition n.)

define v. specify determine finance n. (financial a.) labour n. blue-culler toil proceed v. progress continue source v/n. origin root available derive formula legal process specific benefit distribute function

legislate require structure concept economy identify major research theory Consist Environment income method respond vary

Sublists 2 - List of words

Achieve community design institute potential restrict acquire complex distinct invest previous secure administer compute element item primary seek

Affect conclude equate journal conduct evaluate maintain range feature normal region strategy

purchase select appropriate site aspect consequent

assist construct final obtain regulate survey category consume focus participate relevant text chapter credit impact perceive reside tradition commission culture injure positive resource transfer Sublist 3 - List of words

alternative convene emphasis interact philosophy sex circumstance coordinate ensure justify physical shift comment core exclude layer proportion specify

compensate corporate framework link publish component correspond fund locate react task illustrate maximize register technical

sufficient consent criteria

considerable deduce immigrate minor rely technique constant demonstrate imply negate remove technology constrain document initial outcome scheme valid contribute dominate instance partner sequence volume

Sublist 4 - List of words

Access communicate error internal parallel resolve adequate concentrate ethnic investigate parameter retain annual confer goal job phase series

apparent contrast grant label predict statistic approximate cycle hence mechanism principal status attitude debate hypothesis obvious prior stress

attribute despite implement occupy professional subsequent civil dimension implicate option project sum code domestic impose output promote summary commit emerge integrate overall regime undertake

Sublist 5 - List of words

Academy consult evolve license expand logic perspective substitute margin precise sustain

orient alter

style adjust contact decline expose

amend discrete external medical prime symbol aware facilitate mental psychology target capacity enable fundamental modify pursue transit


challenge energy generate monitor generation network reject version





compound entity image notion revenue welfare liberal objective stable whereas



Sublist 6 - List of words

abstract capable exceed incidence migrate recover accurate cite expert incorporate minimum reveal acknowledge cooperate explicit index ministry scope aggregate discriminate federal inhibit motive subsidy allocate display fee initiate neutral tape assign diverse flexible input nevertheless trace attach