Their Eyes Were Watching God Quotes

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Eyes Quotes and Essay questions

Quote 1 (paragraph 1): “Now, women forget all those things they don’t want to remember, and remember everything they don’t want to forget.” This quote is discussing what women do with their memories. When their memories are bad, they will try very hard to forget it, but when their memories are good, then they will do everything in their power to remember it. An example of this in the novel “Their Eyes were Watching God” is when Janie leaves her bad relationship with Logan, to be with a man named Jody. She tries very hard to forget all her bad experiences with her ex husband Logan, while being married to Jody. Like the quote states, Janie ( a woman ) is trying to forget everything that she doesn’t want
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This novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” is really based on hope. In this section of the story, everyone is hoping to stay safe in the hurricane. Throughout the book, Janie hopes to survive through the miserable times with her husband’s. Without hope, this book wouldn’t mean …show more content…
For instance, with Janie’s first husband Logan. She did not want to marry him. This marriage was set up by Janie’s grandmother to assure her a good life without much hardship. Logan did not treat Janie with very much respect. He didn’t really treat her as his wife but more as a worker on his farm. Later, Janie leaves Logan for an ambitious man named Jody.She was intrigued by his ambitiousness and she wanted to get away from Logan. He wasn’t the best but he was a step up. Jody was also not very respectful to Janie. He wouldn’t let her be her own person, and wanted Janie to be a proper lady. Jody eventually died and then Janie met Tea Cake. Tea Cake was the best out of all her husband’s. He was the only one that respected Janie, and actually showed that he loved her. Tea Cake was much kinder and easier to be around than her previous two husband’s. From each experience with each husband, Janie learns to raise her standards, because as you can see by the reading, her husband’s get better and