Theme Of Nature In Tangerine By Edward Bloor

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Many people try to control nature but what they do not know is that nature will always win. People have walked through the dangers of a tornado but the people who survive are the ones who don’t try to control nature. In the novel Tangerine, Edward Bloor uses the motif of Nature vs. Man to show that people have an inability to control nature no matter how strong humans are, nature will always win. One way Bloor uses the motif of Nature vs. Man is through natural disasters. There are many natural disasters including hurricanes, sinkholes, mudslides, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Bloor uses sinkholes, freezes, and muck fires to show that nature will win against man. “What is it?” Paul yelled to Joey. “An Earthquake” “No? Sinkhole, man! It’s a sinkhole! It’s opening up under the field. Look at 19!”(p. 81). Paul and the rest of Lake Windsor Middle School were trapped in a sinkhole where many portables were sinking. There were many kids helping others get out so no one would get hurt. The sinkhole was causing people to panic but the students and teachers knew what to do in the natural disaster. …show more content…
In Lake Windsor Downs there is a muck fire that many people do not like. At an HOA meeting the people were talking about the muck fire. “Another voice called out,”What about the muck fire?” Mr. Costello said “We hired a contractor to sink four wells in the muck fire field. We rented pumps and spraying equipment and started saturating the area last month. To make a long story short, the muck fire is still burning, and now we have swarms of mosquitoes breeding in the swamp that we created out there”(p.157 & 158). No matter how much human beings have a distaste for nature people can’t control