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The History of Christmas Carols For the longest time, it has been a tradition on my street to gather up all the families and go Christmas caroling around the neighborhood and surrounding communities. We would make hot chocolate and sing for hours; laughing and having a wonderful night together. It is one of my favorite Christmas traditions and I have always found it fascinating. Francis of Assisi, who became a saint after his death, actually started the tradition of Christmas caroling. Francis wanted people to be able to show their happiness and joy during Christmas time. Priests had been singing Christmas hymns for a while, but they were sung in Latin, which made it difficult for people to understand what was being said.1 Francis decided to add religious lyrics to songs and named them “Christmas Carols.” The word “carol” derives from the French word “caroler” which means, “dancing around in a circle.”2 People soon enjoyed spreading cheer throughout the town, singing at live nativity scenes. Townspeople called “wandering minstrels” began singing Christmas carols during the Middle Ages as they traveled from town to town. Caroling groups were soon formed to join together and sing around the neighborhood during the holiday season. These simple songs, which have been bringing cheerfulness and happiness during Christmastime, are all thanks to Saint Francis Assisi. He will always be known as the “Father of Caroling,” after introducing his unique Christmas songs during church services in Italy back in 1223.3 The tradition of Christmas carols is important in my eyes because I believe that they help to bring the joyful spirit to countries across the world. John Boucher, a leader of one of the many Christmas Carol Festivals states, “Singing them (carols) opens up hearts to the good news about Jesus, what he has done for us, and what he wants to do in our lives right here, right now.”4 I think it is important that we stick to this tradition. It brings families and neighborhoods closer together and creates memories people can cherish forever. It is a great way to spread our faith and teach us about the life of Jesus. I do not think the tradition needs to be updated. The purpose of a tradition is to do something the exact same way as it was done for so many years. Christmas caroling actually has the power to be more current if carolers choose to sing more modern tunes like “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,” but