Essay about Theories: Medicine and Anatomical Theory

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Amber Martin
Kaplan University

Modern medicine has changed drastically since the humor theory was conceived. Many scientists have done a lot of work and research to understand where diseases come from and to create antibiotics and other medicines. One theory led to another theory which led to the most commonly accepted theory.
The theory states that the body is composed of four basic humors. Black bile, yellow bile, blood and phlegm, those humors were used to determine the health of the individual. The theory also states that these four humors have to be in balance for the person to be healthy; if they fall out of balance the person can get a disease or a disability in the physical health of an individual.
Anatomical theory of disease fights against the humoral theory. A man had studied the symptoms of a patient and learned that blood flowing throughout the body could carry diseases to different parts of the body. The study made a big gap between pathology and the symptoms of patients, it made a connection between disease on the inside, and the symptoms on the outside.
The germ theory, when first purposed did not get positive responses and was not taken seriously. The theory says that a lot of the diseases are caused by the presence of a micro organism. Germs were first discovered in 1677, at that time the direct link of germs and diseases were not accepted. Decades later after more people researched this. They later understood that these germs caused most of these diseases. This theory is now applied to modern microbiology.
There are a few key differences between the three theories. The humor theory is similar to the four elements of earth. If they fall out of balance serious things happen. The anatomical theory goes against what the humor theory states. It’s stating that blood flowing through the body can cause disease while the germ theory states that germs are a direct link to diseases. The anatomical theory took us deeper into the body and gave us a better understanding. The germ theory provided us with antibiotics and more preventive medicine. The anatomical theory is more modern than the humor theory but not as accepted as the germ theory is now.
All three theories wouldn’t have started without scientist trying to figure