Therapeutic Relationships Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to help clarify the meaning of therapeutic relationships. As a student nurse, I believe that it is my duty to empower my patients and fellow nursing students and staff by engaging in therapeutic relations building exercises. I believe communication is a vital task in nursing and it is essential to build trusting relationships which in turn yield a positive recovery in any patient’s condition. In this assignment I will express what I think therapeutic relationships mean. I will also address my strengths in building therapeutic relationships. Lastly, I will focus on the areas I need to improve or develop to better help my patients, their families and fellow health care team members.
According to McKlindon
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Patients find it easier to divulge their health matters to nurses that are approachable, reasonably humorous and those that are able to share a joke or two. Where there are language barriers I can improvise by using sketches or drawings so that we can communicate well regardless of that barrier. I can also improve by making sure I give my patients an ear to reflect on whatever they have on their minds even if it is not medically related, as some patients feel lonely when they are in hospital. As well as the above, it would be important to maintain the ability to assist patients in understanding the medical language that is used by doctors so that they know what they are agreeing to when offered care options. It is sometimes difficult for patients to relate to what is on their care plans if the wording is unclear or the terminology used is complicated.
Critical thinking is also an aspect that I may need to improve on when caring for my patients. This can be achieved by putting into practice all that I learn during my studies at university, which will develop me as a student nurse and upon completion of my course. I realise that there are several aspects of therapeutic relationships and I cannot master all of them at once, therefore, I want to challenge myself to keep on seeking ways to improve my therapeutic relations with the patients, their families and fellow health care