There Will Come Soft Rain Analysis

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Do you like to read scary or suspenseful stories? This essay is going to be

comparing and contrasting to stories. Both of them are very different from each other.

These stories have different time periods and two different types of writers. The topics that

this essay will have are about The Tell Tale Heart, There Will Come Soft Rains, and then

contrasting both of those stories.

There Will Come Soft Rains was written by Ray Bradbury. This Story has some what

of a suspenseful rhythm but it is calm for the most part. This story uses personification quite

frequently but there is one living thing in the story. This story is somewhat realistic and this

could definitely happen with the world how it is today. There Will Come Soft
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The Tell Tale Heart uses some personification but there is

more in There Will Come Soft Rains. This story has a very realistic theme going on but it

has a little bit of an older time period in the story. The story is scary so it makes you want to

keep reading and find out what happens next. The Tell Tale Heart is an amazing story that

has quite a bit in common to There Will Come Soft Rains but both of them are great


The Tell Tale Heart and There Will Come Soft Rains are both good stories but there

are lots of differences in them. The Tell Tale Heart has murder and drama and has lots of

life. There Will Come Soft Rains has more drama and is a is almost lifeless. These stories

also have two different authors one who likes to write dark stories while the other likes

science fiction type of stories. Both writers have two different writing styles one has

personification and the other has a gothic writing style. Both of the writers have different

backgrounds and for at least one of them it has affected his writing.

Both The Tell Tale Heart and There Will Come Soft Rains are good stories but

personally The Tell Tale Heart is better. The suspense makes the story a lot better than