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Jodi Hunter
English 101
Thesis “success”

Try, Try again, is something all American kids hear growing up. Parents will use this saying more often than not, to keep their children determined to keep them working at something. To learn that it doesn’t matter how much their child fails; all that matters is they kept trying. Take for example when Americans teach their children to ride a bicycle. They are unknowingly teaching them the fundamental building blocks to understanding the achievement of succeeding at something they had to work hard for. The method of teaching your child how to ride a bike doesn’t exactly sound like something that would help a child to become a successful person, but think about it. Your parents would help you get everything you need to start to learn to ride an control the bicycle, just like you would with reading instructions for a science project. Then they would let you get a fill for things, then let you try you fail the first time like everyone, you become scared, an start to back down, then your parent says, “that’s ok let’s get back up an try it again that’s the only way you’re going to get it down, but this time I’ll help you a little more.” You think about it and decide to try again, but you still fail; now you’re mad, an want to walk away, because you think you just can’t do it. Then you remember you really want to ride your bike to school. So you decide to keep trying, an ask for help one more time, this time with a little more want from you, SUCCESS!!!!! You finally did it, you learned to ride bike. You’re so happy you forget all about the times you fell off the bike or that you wanted to walk away. All that matters is you did it.
There is no success without failure. The hardest thing for people to learn is to except that they have failed, and to move past it. If they don’t keep trying they’ll never reach the goal. Get motivated, accept the failure as merely a chance to learn from, and remember the words of American writer, Elbert Hubbard: “There is no failure except in no longer trying.” Life’s too short to dwell on what you failed at. You have to except it, learn from it, try an change it if possible, an keep moving forward. It doesn’t matter if you fail one time or a thousand. Take Thomas Edison for example it took him over a thousand different try’s to make the incandescent light bulb. When he was asked about his failures, he said “I did not fail, I learned a thousand different ways not to make the light bulb work.” You have to keep a positive frame of mind when it comes to your failures, just like Thomas Edison with his creation of the light bulb. It’s never too late to start over. If you weren’t happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don’t stay stuck, try harder, and do better.
Failure is the start of becoming successful. Take for example Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Outliers”, he argues that there is no such thing as a self-made man, and that super achievers are successful because of their circumstances, their families, and their appetite for hard work. Most would agree with this argument in a positive way, but they would be forgetting that not always is your family going to give you the support in that aspect. With this…