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Mental Health: Exploring Stress Assignment
Some stress that I had to deal with happened about one year ago when I got a job at the Real Canadian Superstore. The position I worked was store standards, working as store standards my job seemed pretty simple, all I had to do was push carts, do some simple cleaning outside like around the parking lot and empty garbage containers around the store. At first the job seemed pretty simple but after it ended up being stressful to deal with. This job ended up becoming harder than I thought because there are many factors that you need to face such as the snow, the cold and busy days. At the start I would always come undressed for the weather sometimes or I was having trouble keeping up with my job on busy days, this caused me lots of stress and I was determined to make a change or find some ways were I can make my job more simple because I wanted to have a really good reputation at work and not be stressed about it too, This was negative stress I was facing.
The Form of stress that I was facing when I first started working was Physical stress in a negative variation. This was Physical stress because I was sometimes not able to keep up with work on a busy day and this would make me tiered and stressed at the same time, I would usually get stressed with trying to keep up and have a good reputation at work and staying warm while it was cold outside.
When the stress first hit me I mentally felt that I had no choice but to find some ways to make my job easier so that I would not get stressed and enjoy working. Physically I felt not so good and decided that I needed to make some changes in order for me for feel good and get my work done while keeping a good reputation at work. When I first started working I tried hard to keep a good reputation but that was a problem since my job was kind of hard. Mentally and Physically I felt that I felt bad and knew that I had to make some change to make myself productive and happy at work without ever being stressed at all.
After some time had passed mentally I felt that I should change the way I do some things at work in order to still be productive but not work as hard or get stressed. Physically I really wanted to feel better while working and be able to get my work done and keep a good reputation at work without this negative stress. I knew that by maybe doing some things differently it could make me feel better at work both physically and mentally and I would not be stressed at all, just by changing the ways I do some things I could make work not stressful and that I could finally enjoy it while still being able to be a good worker.

I was able to manage this stressful situation by doing some things differently, For example I started coming properly dressed for the weather outside so if it was cold I didn’t have to worry about getting cold and going inside the store so often to warm up. I mainly changed up the way I work, like when I would bring the carts inside on a busy day I would start bringing more like ten at a time so I would not have to make as many trips around the parking lot. Eventually I just was able to handle this stressful situation just by learning and getting more experience overtime at work. I gained experience on how to work faster and feel good at work without having to be stressed.
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