Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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Nowadays,social media such as Twitter,Facebook,Whatapps and Instagram has becoming inevitable and widely spread throughout the worlds.Within these websites,people can keep in touch with their friends or family and share their daily moments with the loved one almost instantaneously.As for today,there are approximately millions of people having their own smartphone and have access to social media.As exemplified by, if you met a new friend,I am sure that you will ask for his contact information.Obviously,people are more rely on social media to chat with someone else instead of face to face communication.Therefore,we can see that the number of face to face interactions is getting fewer.Both of the communications have their own pros and cons. Firstly,in regard to distance,there is no boundary with social media.Just with the websites and applications such as Facebook, Whatapps,we are able to chat with our family and