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A plane that divides the body horizontally into superior and inferior sections is called:
a. transverse
b. frontal
c. sagittal
d. median

When a client is supine on the massage table, bolsters should be placed under the:
a. shoulders and feet.
b. neck and lower back.
c. glutealneck and knees.
d. arms and feet.

What is the condition of exaggeration of the thoracic curve called?
a. kyphosis
b. scoliosis
c. lordosis
d. trichinosis

What is the term for a muscle that causes or controls joint motion through a specified plane of motion?
a. antagonist
b. agonist
c. fixator
d. synergist . Tension developing in the muscle while it shortens or lengthens describes what type of action?
a. isometric
b. isotonic
c. eccentric
d. concentric

What are the three types of muscle tissue found in the body?
a. smooth, skeletal and striated
b. skeletal, cardiac and smooth
c. striated, nonstriated and skeletal
d. visceral, nonvisceral and skeletal

What two major tissue types make up the majority of a skeletal muscle?
a. skeletal and epithelial
b. connective and nervous
c. skeletal and nervous
d. connective and skeletal

Tension developing within a muscle but its length stays the same because its contractile force equals resistance describes what type of action?
a. isometric
b. isotonic
c. eccentric
d. concentric . During muscle contraction, cross-bridges form between what two structures?
a. Sarcoplasmic reticulum and sarcomeres
b. Actin filaments and myoglobin
c. Actin and myosin filaments
d. Adjacent Z-lines The first observable muscle contraction occurs at the:
a. maximum stimulus
b. all-or-none response
c. threshold stimulus
d. muscle fiber recruitment Fascia wraps around:
a. each individual muscle fiber
b. muscle fascicles
c. the entire muscle
d. all of the above What is the subcutaneous tissue that connects the skin to the muscles called?
a. collagen
b. elastin
c. fascia
d. cartilage

What is the term for a group of muscle fibers that receive nerve stimulation from one neuron?
a. myofibril
b. motor unit
c. trigger point
d. motor point . What is the state of tension in resting muscles called?
a. stress
b. innervation
c. excitability
d. tone

Symptoms of widespread pain or aching, persistent fatigue, generalized morning stiffness, nonrestorative sleep and multiple tender points describes which of the following?
a. fibromyalgia
b. chronic fatigue syndrome
c. acquired immunodeficiency disease
d. human immunodeficiency virus When contraction is initiated and a muscle cell either contracts to its full ability or does not contract at all, this is known as: a. threshold response
b. all-or-none response
c. cross-bridge formation
d. fiber recruitment A massage practitioner is assessing a client for the position of the pelvis. Which of the following would be the landmarks he is comparing?
a. medial condyles
b. intertrochanteric crests
c. anterior superior iliac spines
d. medial and lateral malleoli When reviewing a chart for a client who has been referred for massage to increase range of…