Thomas Jefferson and Burr S Hands Essay

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Weehawken Times
Breaking News: A Nationwide Up Rage

On July 12, 1804 at 2:00 p.m. Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton was pronounced dead. He suffered from a fatal gunshot wound where the bullet was logged between his stomach and his spine. He suffered many hours until his death. Who is his killer you might ask. His name is Aaron Burr. A man of such political powers our Vice President and a former Puritan murdered Hamilton. This is an issue of jealousy and hatred. There has always been a clash between Hamilton and Burr. There lifestyles were complete opposites. Hamilton was a dark man and had a dark view on humans. He was abandoned by his father and his unfaithful mom died four years later. In 1773 he was sent to college in America where he also went into war and became an aide to General Washington. At twenty-one Hamilton began to attack the government. He hated congress, he hated the army, and he even hated himself. After the war he moved to New York and became a lawyer. His goal was to make his vision of America a reality and he distrusted people. In contrast, Aaron Burr was the son of the Second President of Princeton University. He was raised in a Puritan society. He rebelled against the strict puritan religion and attended Princeton where he adored women. Burr also took part in the Revolutionary War. His goal was to become rich and powerful. He agreed to equal rights for women because he wanted the best for his wife and daughter. Tensions between Hamilton and Burr began with Burr becoming the Senator of New York. It continued when Jefferson tied with Burr for President and he became vice president. In the United States Constitution in the event of a tie the election was moved to the United States House of Representatives which was controlled by Federalist. Hamilton saw Burr as far more dangerous than Jefferson and used all his influence to make sure Jefferson won. The final conflict was when Burr ran for governor. As a result…