Thought and Notebook Essay

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Jielin Yu
1.29.15 Why we use notebook I started using notebook to answer the topic given by professor recently. Step by step, I found some advantages of notebook. There are some topics limited our writing, which are some questions I never thought about before. When I started thinking about these question like “why I was here”, I found myself thinking deeply and coming up with something interesting ideas, which was like a surprise for me. Even though something I write seems stupid, I feel good. Moreover, I think writing is a good way to reflect my thoughts. The process of writing is also a process of thinking. When I have done my first topic writing, I feel more relax and ambitious. In my life, I study, sleep, eat and so on, but I never think that why I do these same things every day. For answering, I keep asking myself why until I have some ideas. For the second topic, I reminded me of some important people and events, which is a good way to remind myself of some old beautiful encouraging memories. In a word, using a notebook provides a good opportunity to think. Secondly, notebook is totally private. To be honest, some of my writings are not my real thoughts, but for some reasons, I have to write something fake to meet the requirements. In the notebook, I can write whatever I think because the audiences of the notebook is myself. In the process of writing in the notebook, I feel free. Even sometimes I have some biased