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“A thousand times for you”

The day we become best friends was the day I punched that boy in kindergarten when he bullied her in class. Ever since that day we become the inseparable. We did everything together, ate lunch together, done homework together, sleep in each other’s houses. People used to think we were sisters, even twins because of our appearance. But we are different from each other’s in every way. Melanie is beautiful with her straight shiny golden hair that falls to her waist and eyes so blue they’re like the sky without clouds. People envy her, she has a slim body with curves in all the right places and she’s tall about 5’5 to 5’6 people say she looks like a model. And then there’s me Annalisa, I have a very long curly red hair that falls all the way to my bump and purple eyes, my body is slim and I have curves but not as much as Melanie, but am much taller than Melanie, I’m about 5’7 . People always look at when they see me and I know what they see, a girl with red hair and a freakish purple eyes, they always avoid my gaze and almost run away from me, but not Melanie she always stayed by my side and even said that my eyes was the prettiest eyes she ever seen when we first met. Another thing that’s different between us is our attitude, I’m quiet and shy but I have a very bad temper, if I ever get mad there’s nothing that can stop me from killing the person who made me angry. Melanie is the opposites she is loud, bubbly, outgoing and very nice, she is adored by everyone. We never fight or argue and nothing ever comes between us or I thought so.

It all started the first day we started high school, the minute I put my foot in that school was the minute my nightmare started. When we got to school in our first day we went to the reception like all the other students to get our schedule. When I checked mine I had geometry, English, drama, lunch, history then music. Melanie only had drama and history with me, so we went our separate way when the bell rang. When I got to my geometry class I went to the back seat by the window and sat down. Students started filling the class room and taking their seats and every one of them was staring, whispering and pointing at me probably freaked out by my eyes. They kept staring and pointing till our teacher came but even then some of them were still staring. I quickly ducked out of their intense gazes and hid my face in my long untamed hair. Mr Wilson our geometry teacher was a tall man with light skin, brown hair and grey eyes, he wasn’t fat nor skinny but in between. When he shouted his voice boomed through the whole room like a thunder and everyone become so quiet that you could hear a pen drop. He told us to turn to page 230 in the geometry book and do questions 1 to 4 and everyone did without complaints. Throughout the whole lesson I kept getting these stares from the students, some were looking at me with wonder, some with curiousness, some even with disgust and repulsiveness that I had to pull my hoodie up so they couldn’t see my eyes anymore. This continued in every lessons till lunch where I met with Melanie who was looking at me with worried eyes, I think she noticed the stares and whispers, I mean you would be blind not to when everyone in the canteen is staring and pointing at me like I’m beast. But when Melanie said “Ignore them, they’re just jealous because they can’t have beautiful eyes like yours.” I knew that as long as she’s by my side I could face the entire world if I have to. The next few days were hell, the stares, the whispers, the pointing got worse but I ignore it like Melanie said and even though it was hard I managed it. Everything was going alright and I was even getting used to the stares and the talk of the students, I didn’t lose my temper not even once which was a good sign, so like I said everything was good. I’ve been in this school for two weeks and if it weren’t for Melanie I wouldn’t have survived any of this. She was always there for