Three Viewings Essay

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Capri Thompson
Mr. Hartland
Intro to Film
March 29, 2015
Play Review
Three Viewings According to the play(s), “Three Viewings”, rendered by Mr. Hartland and one of his other classes, I would consider it as a really distinctive way to tell a story. Unique in a sense that there were three completely different point of views, recapping the bodies at a viewing/funeral. This style of acting is something that excited me as an audience member due the fact that it’s not done so often and the way each frame of reference worked together to complete an entire storyline was pretty impressive. These three connected monologues set inside a funeral home may not seem like a funny play, but it does offer an abundance of humorous, possible real life situations. I got the impression that these particular deaths brought out the good, the bad, and the ugly in our narrators. Also, another interest thing that I picked up on was the way that “love” was jungled around in the story. Each character had their own way of expressing their affection to the departed, yet they all were a different kind of love, but still similar in a few minor ways. As far as which narrator and narration was my favorite, I would have to go with beautiful - thief who made her living stealing from corpses. She was by far my favorite narrator due to the way she played her part. She spoke at a perfect pace with a clear understanding of her words. She also did a lot of bodily functions, such as hand gestures, paced back-and-forth, and stayed consistent to her tone of voice, which gave the audience a visual of what she were telling, and how she were telling it. Lastly, her part included a few puns and sarcastic inferences which can do a good job at entertaining the audience. For her to make a living out of something that may had never crossed the mind of the someone in the right-state-of-mind, is exceptional, which gives her more of an edge as my favorite. That then leads us to the naïve housewife. Her part was full of surprises. Every time she turned around, there were a new price of debt she that her husband had left behind and it eventually became a burden too big for one person to handle, especially a mourning widow. This narrator was the perfect way to conclude this play, reason being it added comedic relief and also managed to send the audience out with a lot on their minds. Even though her narration may had seemed perfect, she took second on my favorite list for the in-clarity of her speech. Lastly, at times it was a bit hard to make out a few words, and with such dramatic parts more emphasizes would had easily placed her as number one! And finally, a narrator that I would consider my least favorite, would be the undertaker who was madly in love with a woman, but never got the chance to express his true love. Although he was my “least favorite”, it does not mean that I did not like his narration. It just the other two woman had a more interesting dialogue which kept as an audience entertained and well informed. This character had a relatively redundant story, which never took that step in pleasing the love of his live and/or me as an audience member. With his shyness and inability to prosper he takes third on my narrator hierarchy, of favorite characters. Another…