Through The Tunnel Short Story

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The short story I read is Through the tunnel written by Doris Lessing. During the course of the story Lessing uses several literary devices to convey the image she is trying to put in the reader's head, the most common devices she uses are metaphors, an easily noticeable examples of the metaphors she uses are when she describes how the mother of the protagonist looks from a distance, Lenning describes her looking like a yellow speck and her umbrella looking like an orange peel.

The short story is about an eleven-year-old English boy named Jerry who is on vacation with his widowed mother. They are staying in a villa in a tropical destination of some kind. The villa is right beside several connected beaches
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Things escalate quickly from there, Jerry investigates the large rocks like he first planned, but then begins to go into the water, at first, he just goes out a few feet, but then soon swims out far to the point where he describes his mother looking like a yellow spec and her beach umbrella looking like an orange peel. Jerry just swims and floats around in the water for quite some time before he notices a nearby island. He describes the island to have reddish-brown rocks that look like knives or spikes. This island intrigued him to the point where he began swimming closer towards it, the island wasn't that far out from where he was floating t. He could still see his the speech which was his mother lying under her orange beach umbrella on the neighboring beach from his villa. As Jerry approaches the small island, he notices three small figures jumping off of the large spiked rocks, his curiosity made him swim closer and closer until he could clearly see the figures. They were three young boys, but to Jerry they were like grown men, the boys had to be under the age of