Tier 1 Network and Web Interface Essay

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1. What happens at hop 7? Is level3.net the same ISP as hops 2-6, or a different ISP? Use the whois tool to answer this question.
I think the ISP changed because the hop went to a different country. It says New York, so I’m assuming it traveled to America which would explain the different ISP.
2. What happens in hop 10 to the amount of time it takes for a packet to travel between Washington D.C. and Paris, as compared with the earlier hops 1-9?
Distance might be the reason why it took longer to travel.
3. What happens in hop 18? Do a whois lookup on using the whois tool. Who owns this network?
The hop traveled back to South Africa. On whois look up, it says that DNS Administration owns that network.
4. What happens in hop 7?
It went to a level 3 communications hub.
5. How is the traceroute different when going to www.cisco.com from the command prompt (see Part 1) rather than from the online website? (Your results may vary depending upon where you are located geographically, and which ISP is providing connectivity to your school.)
Because you actually see what goes on behind the screen and see where the hubs go while when you enter cisco.com in the address bar and press enter, you just have to wait until the website appears on your screen. When you type it in the command prompt, you just see numbers.
6. Compare the tracert from Part 1 that goes to Africa with the tracert that goes to Africa from the web interface. What different do you notice?
It takes a really long time for the tracert on command prompt to finish while it’s faster to type the address in a web browser.
7. Some of the traceroutes have the abbreviation asymm in them. Any guesses as to what this means? What is its significance?
I have no idea.

Compare Traceroute Results

Step 1: List the path to www.cisco.com using…