TIme Bomb Attack Case Essay

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Time Bomb Attack Case William Carl Shae was a disgruntled employee. He had requested permission to work from home in December 2002 because his daughter had diabetes. His requested was denied due to earlier privileges to work at home that were unproductive and the fact that he could not be reached. On January 6, 2003, the company presented Shae with a performance improvement plan and 11 days afterwards Shae failed to show up for work and therefore was terminated (FindLaw, 2007). The time bomb was discovered on January 30, 2003, the time bomb was discovered on the database. After further investigation, it was estimated that the time bomb had been on the system since December 9, 2002. It was also discovered that it was set to go off “any data greater than January 29, 2003” (FindLaw, 2007). When reviewing the theories that Shae would fall under, it seemed as if the case fell under a type of social theory. It is clear that Shae did not like the fact that he was denied permission to work at home; therefore the time bomb was placed on the database on December 9, 2006. One would feel certain that at most it was a matter of days from the request. As rapid as the time bomb was placed on the data base, the Gottfredson and Hirschi self-control theory seems to fit perfectly. The Gottfredson and Hirschi self-control theory is described as being one with a low-level of self-control generally lead to one to commit a crime. If a person has self-control, they can prevent themselves from committing crimes. This type of person tends to want immediate gratification, be insensitive, and impulsive (Taylor, Fritsch, Liederbach, & Holt, 2011).
Shae seemed have a well thought out plan, and even to the fact as to when the bomb could detonate. However, it did not seem that he could wait to have the time bomb in placed on the database, therefore he was insensitive to others, only thinking of payback. Shae made an impulsive move, and was focused on hurting the company. He displayed low self-control instead of being rational about the situation. He could have easily went along with the performance improvement plan, made an effort to work hard and prove himself,…