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Cold War and Communism
Corine Powell
April 26. 2014
Kathleen Stillio
Cold War and Communism
After viewing the video "Duck and Cover" I was left with a feeling of discomfort but understanding. I felt a discomforting sadness that our world has to use violence to "solve" problems. I did however, understand the high level of importance that comes with preparing our children in an attempt to keep them safe. I can imagine that if I were a child during that time I would have felt the urgency and done my best to prepare myself for my survival. Growing up I remember learning to be safe in case of an earthquake, tornado, or even a fire. I was really good at understanding the importance of following directions about these possible dangers. I felt that the idea of "ducking and taking cover" was not enough. I am not sure that this action would have done much for protecting the children from in the event of an actual atomic bombing. Today our children face another danger and that danger is terrorism. Unlike an Atomic bomb this danger can come from people who may have been trusted. I feel terrorism is a complicated thing (like the atomic bomb) to protect ourselves and our children from without creating a level of paranoia and possible discrimination. As with the threat of an atomic attack I feel preparing for a terrorist attack may not be as efficient as it seems. Some people teach that certain races or religions are responsible for these attacks but this is not always the