Time Loop and Miss Peregrines Home Essay

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Lane Ryan
Ms. Castillo
Honors English IV
14 October 2013

Explanation Page Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children is the debut novel of the American author Ransom Riggs. “The strength of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is its fun, unusual characters who just seem to work well together. They're all kind of off their respective rockers, and that weirdness meshes well with the suspense/thrill part of the novel. It is like Groundhog Day meets X-Men lite and getting to know the characters is fun. One of the weaknesses of the book, is that its story/plot relies too heavily on the pictures to drive it. This makes sense, given that Riggs wanted to have a children's picture book with weird and slightly creepy pictures, but was encouraged by an editor to create a story to surround those pictures. It's like musicals based on artists' songs, it isn't natural and if anything only proves a point that it shouldn't be done. An important male character is Jacob Portman, a sixteen year old boy. When Jacobs grandfather died he felt so lost because that was the one man who understood him because Jacob is hard to understand especially (he did not discover this about himself until later in the book) that he is a peculiar child and can see monsters. His search for understanding is also really relatable. He is just a lost soul who is trying to find his place, and trying to find where he belongs. Emma is the female who I find most important in the novel, she is the girl that is extremely mean at first because she doesn't know you. She will put on this act but really it’s for attention. Or maybe her past being an orphan and all that has made her put walls up, making it hard to get to know her. She will also kill you if she thinks you are a threat. She will not hesitate to cut your throat to save herself if she does not know you, but will also risk her life to save you if she loves you. She is the first peculiar child who came across Jacob and almost cut his throat. Values presented in Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children appear when Jacob’s father becomes jealous over Jacobs relationship with his grandfather. Because the grandfather was never around for the father when he was a child and it makes the father jealous that the