Essay on Time Plus Opportunity Equation

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Essay Friends are the support group you know that always have your back. Sometimes friends can be your extended family; while other times they are your family. Behind every relationship with someone is a special, exclusive “behind-the-scenes” story. Maybe there was a horrible situation that brought the near enemies together. Or, maybe, a group of people were forced into a horrible, long-term situation and became friends over time. Time and opportunity can determine intimacy in my opinion. Ron, Hermione and Harry of “Harry Potter” weren’t very close (at least Ron and Harry weren’t very close to Hermione) in the beginning of the first book. However, the troll in the girl’s bathroom caused the three to lie and stick up for each other. That circumstance sparked the great friendship of “the Golden Trio”. Every year after that was full of horrible events that tested their friendships and caused them to rely heavily on each other. Eventually they all became so close that Ron’s family became Harry’s family. Time and opportunity did determine intimacy in this case. Whenever I think of my own friends, I think about the song Hukuna Matata from “The Lion King”. This song is all about friendships and being carefree. The song describes my group of friends perfectly because we’ve all been friends for a long time and have gone through a lot together. But my friends and I have kept our heads up and we’ve remembered to ‘have no worries for the rest of our days’. For us, because