Timeline of Events Leading to the American Civil War Essay

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Jack Calabro
U.S. History
Civil War In the year 1860 the southern colonies of the United States of America have had enough of what they call, injustice done upon them by the union. They had many issues with the way that the government was being run. The southern colonies exercised their right to rebel because their government was not fulfilling its duties. This led to the civil war. One of the biggest issues if not the biggest issue at the time was the matter of slavery in the United States. By this time the country was split in half on the topic. In the north slavery was banned. In the south it was the driving force of their economy so it was legalized. As the country was growing more and more states had to be “free, or not free.” The South’s main economy relied on slaves. They were the driving force behind every dollar they made. They disagreed with the north because they think that the government is not fulfilling its duties and following the constitution. They said that the constitution grants them economic security. They felt that the government was not. Tension only got worse as time went on, with the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitne, the southern colonies economy took off. There were more slaves needed now than ever before. Now cotton could be made in a quarter of the time. Another incident that pushed the cause of war was John Brown’s raid on the arsenal at Harpers Ferry. John Brown led a group of anti-slavery people to a federal arsenal in Virginia. Black and whites were among him. His plan was to take the weapons and arm the slaves. From there they would march south and free all the slavers. In fact this had the opposite effect it just annoyed the towns people. However when it was all over and john brown was captured. He was tried for treason. And the south felt that was not enough. They felt that the union did not care about them because most people supported what he was trying to do. Just