The Trial Of Tom Robinson In To Kill A Mockingbird

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TKM Essay
For my essay I will be analyzing the jury’s decision and how long it took them to make it. The main part of this story, what it all builds up to, is the trial of Tom Robinson. Atticus was on Tom’s side and proved that he was innocent by showing the jury that he could not possibly have inflicted the wounds on Mayella Ewell because his left arm was lame and the bruises were on Mayella’s right side. Even though with all the evidence proving that Tom did not do it the jury’s verdict was that he was guilty.
This is a big part of Scout’s coming of age in the novel. This is the point in the novel that she realizes that the world is tremendously unfair. She realizes that even though something is not right does not mean that it will not happen. I think that this is the biggest surprise she gets throughout the whole novel and she is very passionate about the way people think at the current time in the novel. The social status of black people at the time of the novel has a huge impact to how it is written. Since there is so much racism at the time this is written is why Tom Robinson is convicted. This has a huge impact at the reader now-a-days because the world’s view on all this racism has totally changed. Now, most people are not racist and there is not this huge barrier between black and white people. Most readers are appalled by this racism.
This section of the novel establishes a big part of the theme which is prejudice. When Tom is convicted even though he is obviously innocent makes the reader really mad. The cultural difference between the time where the book was written and when the reader is reading it is huge. When the book was written black people were not viewed as an equal to white people. Now most people view blacks as an equal to the whites. Since our culture views have changed the reader’s view on the book has also changed. The book uses the term “nigger” often but now it is considered a hate term. When people read the book when it first came out this did not affect them much but now, most readers do not approve of this language and view the book as racist. The general view of the book over the years has degraded due to the cultural change in our society.
When Atticus and Je are discussing the jury’s decision Jem