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Feb. 20, 2015
TKM Research Paper: Body Paragraph #4 An effect that race discrimination of causing violence was the tragic death and murder of Emmett Till, this can be observed in the early 20th century. In the article, The Lynching of Emmett Till, was a teenage boy in Chicago that was beaten and shot to death by a couple of white men, because he was talking and having physical contact with a white woman. Emmett’s mother gave him a warning, “’be careful. If you have to get down on your knees and when a white person goes past, do it willingly.’ … On Aug. 27, 1955, Emmett was beaten and shot to death ny two white men who threw the boy’s mutilated body into the Tallahatchie River near Money, Mississippi. Emmett’s crime: talking and maybe even whistling to a white woman at a local grocery store” (The Lynching ET Par. 2). When his mother said, “do it willingly,” it shows us that his mother was afraid of what white people might so she had obeyed what they told her to do in order to get out of having problems with them. When the article states the crime, “talking and maybe even whistling to a white women at a local grocery store,” it tells us what Emmett had done in order get himself in this position and he couldn’t get out of it. He had to face the consequences that these white men thought was right for him. Overall, the violence between two race was a tragic death for a teenager and he didn’t not heed his mother words when he went on his visiting trip. News started to spread, but this was not the only horrifying murder during the 1900s in the South. Blacks began to realize, “the law on their side in the struggle for equality. … White people in the North were as shocked as blacks at the cruelty of the killing. … became a martyr for the fledgling civil rights movement that would engross the country in a few years. […] Emmett’s killing was only one of thousands of similar murders in the South, and his name is not well -…