To What Extent Did There Was A Great Shift In The Attitude Of Americans Against The Revolutionary War

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There was a great shift in the attitude of Americans against the British government. In the earlier decades before the Revolutionary War Americans were tolerant of the British control over their colonies. Many felt a loyalty to the King and to the English people. At this time there was not a unity or any feeling of nationalism in the American colonies. As time went on the colonist found more and more problems with the British control. The Stamp Act and many taxes on Sugar and Tea ect. greatly contributed to the Anti-British feeling. At this time the loyalties of the People went first to their state governments. There were also a few radicals who were totally against the British. The Sons of Liberty led by Samuel Adams being the most prominent. The were ready to take direct and immediate action against the British control as they readily showed by organizing boycotts against British goods through out the colonies and by such demonstrations as the Boston Tea Party. But still the majority of the population in the colonies was not et ready to take such a definate stand. They were of course fed up with all the taxes and restrictions that had been put on them but most saw the solution the problem in compromising and working with the parliment. To revolt and set up a Independent country was a very radical idea. But it was the radical people who were at the time leading the country. And they were doing their best to gain the support of the rest of their country men. They published…