Toothpaste and Liquid Dish Soap Essay

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Thinking about what brands I’m the most loyal too was very difficult, however I came to a conclusion. It was a little difficult deciding but I think I am the most loyal to Crest toothpaste and Dawn liquid dish soap. They are both two products I never switch out. They also have very good reasons to back up why I am loyal to them.
Crest toothpaste has been recommended by my family dentist for years. I don’t think I have ever got anything other than crest toothpaste samples either when they give you your goody bag after your six month checkups. Crest toothpaste is approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). They base Crest on its findings that the product is effective in helping to prevent and reduce tooth decay, gingivitis, and plaque above the gum line and bad breath, also to relieve sensitivity in otherwise normal teeth, and depending the kind of Crest toothpaste to whiten teeth by removing surface stains, when used as directed. I have never used anything other than Crest and I always have health teeth and have not had a cavity since I’ve had my baby teeth. Crest toothpaste also leaves your teeth feeling so smooth and clean unlike other toothpastes that can be gritty and leave your teeth only feeling half way clean. I am also loyal to Dawn liquid dish soap. Dawn is unlike any other dish soap. Its tuff on grease. Dawn leaves your dishes smooth and shiny without leaving any type of residue behind on them. Dawn is also safe and gentle on animals because they use it…