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What Cause Cancer from Foods and Appliances and How Can We Avoid It.

Currently, many people get cancer and suffer from this disease for many reasons. Even though the technique to cure cancer has developed dramatically, approximately, 8 millions of people die because of cancer every year. Scientists and doctors believe that if they figure out the cause of cancer, they could decrease the mortality rate of cancer. However, it is almost impossible to find out where we get cancer because there are plenty of factors to induce cancer. However, many people do not know that we can get cancer from foods and appliances. People can get cancer in kitchen when they eat spicy food, burned food, they use soaps, and they are in front of an operating microwave. And also, there are some solutions not to get cancers from those factors.
Firstly, there are some possibilities to get a cancer when people eat too much spicy foods. Some scientists mention that spicy food is good for prevent cancer because there is chemical called Capsacin in spicy food, and this chemical get rid of some cancer cell in our body. Unfortunately, this fact is only when some eat appropriate quantity of spicy food. In contrast, if someone exceedingly has spicy foods, spicy food will cause stomach cancer. This is because, if there are copious capsacin in our body, the capsacin would eliminate the cell which should kill the cancer cell. Consequently, appropriate quantity of spicy food makes people far from the cancer, but exceeding intake of spicy food induces people to get cancer. However, there are two solutions not to get cancer taking some spicy food. Firstly, take some milk before you eat some spicy food. This idea is from Korean people’s government. In korea, many people suffer from stomach cancer because the Korean enjoy eating very spicy food. Therefore, Korean Health Association had to do some experiments to find out how to protect Korean people from stomach cancer. Eventually, they found that taking milk before eating spicy cuisines protects the gastric mucous membrane. This is because, when milk gets into empty stomach, the milk tends to cover the gastric mucous membrane and the milk protects the membrane from hurting by capsacin. In other words, we can prevent our body from getting cancer by drinking some milk before we take spicy foods. Secondly, avoid too spicy food and try to regulate the quantity of pepper when you make some food. Some people really enjoy eating too spicy foods. As I said, appropriate of quantity of capsacin help people to prevent cancer; on the other hands, too much of quantity of capsacin cause cancer. If you put suitable quantity of peppers in your food, you could be free from getting stomach cancer. Secondly, people who usually eat burnt meat are prone to get cancer. This is because, when meat such as beef, pork, or poultry is cooked at high temperature, they produce HCAs(heterocyclic amines) and PAHs(polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). According to research from National Cancer Institute, HCAs and PCAs can cause cancer in animal models. Furthermore, Nataile E. Azar advises to avoid eating cooked-crispy meats because they can up your risk of prostate, pancreatic, and colorectal cancer. There are four ways to cook cancer-free meat. First, marinate you meat before cook. According to the research from Natural Medicine Journal, if people cook meat with garlic, rosemary, fruit pulp, and Vitamin E-rich spice rubs like chili powder and paprika, people might decrease HCA production by 70 percent. Furthermore, if you put some beer in your food, you can decrease HCAs’ mutagenic powers. Secondly, cut the time and temperature. This does not mean that you must eat law meat. It means try to reduce the cooking time and temperature. According to National Cancer Institute, you can cut down the temperature and time by microwaving your meat for 60 to 90 second before you cook your meet. Third, be a picky eater. There are plenty of chemical that can cause