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FYS 100: CRASH - Homework Assignment #1
What’s the Difference?: Exploring Diversity, Multiculturalism and Human Rights

Due: Tuesday, September 3rd – bring typewritten response worksheet to class.
Course Grade Pt. Value: 2.5 Course Grade Points

Instructions: First read the entire list of questions through. Then, review the notes you took during the showing of the film and the cast of characters outlined on the handout provided during our discussion on Friday. Then insert, after each question and directly into this document your own original typewritten responses to each question. Please limit your final document to no less than 2 and no more than 3 printed out, typewritten pages (including original questions). Print out your responses and bring 2 copies to class (one for you to work from and one to submit to me).

1. Some have criticized the film for reinforcing stereotypes instead of challenging them. Do you agree? If so why? If not why not? Give 2 concrete examples to support your views either way.

2. In the film, the different characters were experiencing a range of emotions such as anger, hurt, and/or worry. For example, an officer worried about dad’s health; a father tried to keep his daughter safe; a business person tried to protect his store; a couple dealt with being harassed and wife with being sexually harassed by police; a couple was carjacked at gunpoint; a man tried to help immigrants.

What choices did the characters make with regard to how they handled their emotions? For example, to what extent did the different characters either assume responsibility for their own emotions OR place blame on others? Identify and discuss 2 examples to support your views.

3. The film presents several instances of “prejudice