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Topic: Social intolerance vs. Social tolerance
Personal connections: I was always in a situation where I witnessed someone being unaccepted for being different, and I was always taught to believe that we are all people no matter who we are or where we come from. I always believed that we are never able to say that we haven’t had this happen to us so we have no excuse to think we have the right to do it to others.
Interesting facts:
• Most people have been in these situations and will not admit it or will not speak about it.
• These situations happen because people are often un-educated about the person they are not accepting, and most of the time they refuse to know more about that person because of elements in our society.
• Most people do not understand that obtaining a better society and world for our future children is to become more aware of the world we live in and educate each other about different people and cultures.
Known arguments:

• Some believe that how they treat people is how they would want to be treated/ common knowledge.

• That if we have a better understanding of each other it eliminates the pre-judgments and misconceptions we have about one another.

• That some historical aspects of society are key causes of these situations.

Aspects not thought about:
• Lack of knowledge/understanding creates fear – fear leads to anger, hatred and mistreatment ~Rachel Dean
• People/kids act how they are taught or what they live around. Kara
• As time goes on these days it seems that social intolerance encompasses rich and poor people as well, there are no middle class people anymore (matthew)
• Some people believe that being different implies being better/less than ~Rachel Dean
• Are there specific personal experiences