Tradition In The Lottery

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How does tradition effect society? In the world we share everyone is influenced by everything.
Tradition, rituals, and ones’ behavior. The characters in “The Lottery” had not known that this ritual carried on by a tradition was so wrong. As many of us may realize traditions vary from household to house hold, yet not on this extreme level. A fair example of common tradition would be, Christmas. Far from the Lottery, yet still carried out from many generations.

The effect of society alone is baffling, when something so strong such as a tradition, ritual, or even just one man’s opinion the result may not always end well. As far as we know, the tradition has come from an unknown source, therefor the origin of the Lottery is not mentioned. This makes the already mysterious ritual, appear almost impossible to find a logical explanation other than a good harvest. The villagers have been told that good can come from this terrible portrayal of a lottery, by the oldest man in the village; Old Man Warner. he fact that these children had been collecting the stones for the lottery, comes to show how everyone had been involved.
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Since warner grew up with this tradition he has a strongly different point of view opposed to the younger generation. Subsequently, the generation that made this impression of this lottery as to have a good outcome made these beliefs become more and more pronounced. Furthermore, the villagers are not influenced otherwise, therefore no changes can be made. Without the guidance of the Warner the lottery would not have the strong stance it did in the story. It may seem as everyone is involved, but many can see the negativity is carries. Mr. Adams mentions that the village in the north had been talking about giving up the ritual,