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Calista Patterson
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4 March 2015 Julius Caesar Essay
Brutus Vs Antony

Almost in all of Shakespeare's plays a tragic hero is always identified; a heroic figure that demonstrates a character flaw that leads to their death. In William
Julius Caesar, there have been many disputes about who was the real tragic hero. Over half the people agree that Marcus Brutus was the true tragic hero.
However, others have argued and identified Julius Caesar as the real tragic hero. After analyzing these two great characters, a conclusion is drawn, Brutus is the real tragic hero of this play because someone who possesses such great heroic qualities and dies, is a true tragedy. Brutus deserves the title of being the tragic hero because of his strong personality throughout the play. First off, Brutus stays noble and true and does not deceive anyone. Although he murdered Julius Caesar it wasn’t to deceive Caesar but he did it for the good of Rome. Everything that Brutus does was always for somebody

elses benefit. After Brutus slayed one of Anthony's best friends, Antony saw him as “one of the noblest Roman of them all”(161). Antony recognizes this after Brutus’s death because he realizes that Brutus was the only one out of all the conspirators that killed
Caesar for the actual good of Rome, not because he was envious over Caesar gaining power. Brutus knew while everyone was stabbing Caesar that he could have backed out and ran because he knew he’d be punished, but he decides to stay, knowing that this would be helping out the plebeians. Another example of Brutus’s selflessness is when
Portia (Brutus's wife) keeps aggravating Brutus to tell her what his plans are. Brutus decides not to tell Portia of his plans of killing Caesar knowing that his wife already has a lot of stress in her life and doesn't want her to worry about what is going on.

Every tragic hero as a character flaw that leads up to their death. Brutus’s character was being too naive. He thought that there was only good in the world, and that all men would be honorable. He truly believed that the people closest to him would never lie to him and turn their backs. Because Brutus believed that he didn’t betray anyone, this lead to his tragic death. Everyone that Brutus had trusted ended up deceiving him one way or another throughout this play. He allows cassius and Antony to deceive him because Brutus is too trustful and isn't aware that even though they are his friends he doesn't know what they're are capable of after they've earned his trust. There were many events that occurred because