Transforming from a Traditional Business to an E-Business Essay

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This paper explores the brick and mortar companies and brick and click companies. Brick and mortar are conventional companies that runt heir business from an actual address. Brick and click do the same but add the internet or e-commerce part of the business to their company to sell. Explored in this paper will involve how a brick and mortar company transitions into the brick and click business. The challenges and risks of transitioning to an online business will also be outlined.

Periods of transition are rarely easy for any person, much so when a decision to change routine involves a business made up of many systems and persons. When the leadership of any business is directed to a period of transition, there is need to do comprehensive research to confirm that the new transitional phase they are taking up will be cost effective and beneficial for the organization. Such is the challenge facing brick and mortar businesses when facing the possible need to switch to a brick and click business. Brick and mortar businesses use the traditional and conventional methods in their operations (Brown, 2012, p. 269). Most of their operations involve face-to-face interaction with their customers and operations are centralized within an office or business premises. These premises are either owned or leased by the business owners (Aksen, n.d). Click and brick companies refer to traditional methods but also include an e-business on the internet (Brown, C, DeHayes, D et al., 2012, p. 270). The importance of switching over to a brick and click business will be explored, the challenges in transitioning over to a brick and click business and the transition process of a brick and mortar business to a brick and click business along with the benefits of this transition.
First, advancements in the society in science and technology have led to a change on operations in the human life. Much has changed on how people communicate in general and business has not remained static either. Incorporation of computer systems within business operations was initially done to enable easier management of data. With time and advancements in computer systems, business operations gradually incorporated into core business operations such as sales and purchases to cut on cost (William et al, 2008). This led to a change of business operations from brick and mortar to brick and click. The importance for a brick and mortar business to convert to a brick and click business are various. The online business world has adopted methods that facilitate easier marketing of their products. This involves cuts on costs of operations in communication and transport, which saves on time by allowing consumers to view and purchase items online. Brick and click businesses have developed online catalogues and have websites and online customer care services. This enables more interaction with consumers. Currently, many businesses have incorporated internet into their businesses and the results have recorded positive feedback in terms of better customer satisfaction and higher profit margins (William et al, 2008).
With the changing global trends, the dynamics of the society need one to adopt a lifestyle that is convenient, time saving and less tedious. With these specifications in mind, many consumers have adopted an online lifestyle. This lifestyle saves time for busy work schedules and is convenient for consumers. With this in mind, many businesses have invested a significant amount of their finances into adopting new technologies that match up to the demands of the customers with offering the best online services. However this important process of transition from traditional face-to-face business to online business requires proper planning and research and market analyses. It is a risky venture that takes gradual steps but the benefits attached to it are irrefutably large (Brown, C, DeHayes, D et al., 2012, p.