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Marketing Goals and Objectives Entering and transforming the video rental industry was a large undertaking for the start-up company. The first marketing objective the company undertook was the process of building a brand. Netflix’s identity was crucial to future growth and success. Without a strong brand, competitors with deep pockets could have easily duplicated the company’s business model. Secondly, leveraging technology was critical to establishing the business and infrastructure growth. The consumer base was the final objective Netflix sought to achieve. Retaining and growing subscribers were fundamental to revenue and marketing goals.

Marketing Strategy To meet marketing goals and objectives the company implemented Michael
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Popular web portals such as Yahoo, Google, and AOL gave users easy access and supplied information about the movie rental service through employing “banner ads.” After interviewing Netflix’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kris Oser writes, “Ms. Kilgore says Netflix set out to have a ubiquitous Internet presence, blanketing the Web with banner ads.” Sales promotions were key to the company’s ability to acquire new clientele. Netflix teamed up with electronic manufactures such as Apple, Toshiba, and HP to promote DVD players or DVD-ROM equipped computers. A company press release stated, “Now every purchaser of an Apple Powerbook with a DVD-Video PC card can take advantage of the world's largest collection of DVDs, all of which are available for rent or for sale at”28 This specific promotion gave consumers two free movie rentals for buying the Apple computer. The most highly effective sales promotion was through offering potential customers free trails. Allowing clientele to experience the movie rental service before agreeing to a year long subscription proved to be a very successful means of acquiring skeptical buyers. Marketing alliances were established with retailers to leverage cross selling and gain publicity. Netflix established such partnerships with, Best Buy, and Circuit City. A press release