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After comparing the translation from English to Dutch and Dutch to English, I noticed that the translation process was completely different. It’s apparent that some languages have completely different words and phrases that they use to describe simple every day sentences. It’s important that teacher’s realize the difference in languages due to the cultural and diverse differences of a bilingual student. Although it may seem like the languages can be transferred or translated easily, that is not the case. The translation program used online was nowhere near the true translation needed. Based on experience with the translation websites, I do not believe that it is a viable strategy for ESL students. I believe that in order to succeed in learning a second language students need to use a dictionary as much as possible to learn words. Not doing so could reduce the chance they’ll remember words. It’s important that teachers realize that there are words translated that they may think are correct in the English language, but are not used in another language. There could be an instance where a language could have two totally separate meanings. For example, in English if we say that somebody can’t do something it is usually clean cut. In other languages, however, saying somebody can’t complete something may possibly insinuate two separate things; that they are unable to physically, or that they weren’t taught how to do something. It’s important that students utilize dictionaries, teachers, and all resources possible to become accustomed to the English language.

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