Transport Layer Security and ca Certificate Essay

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This document covers two processes necessary for remote connectivity to your workstation remotely.
1. Certificate Installation – also includes instructions for setting up email on a pda/phone
2. Remote Desktop settings

Certificate Installation CA certificate for SolutionWerx install. This will work for e-mail, remote connectivity, and other services requiring a secure connection using a technology such as SSL.

1 Open Internet Explorer and go to a If you don’t have a certificate from SolutionWerx installed, you will receive an alert about the security on the page. Click “Continue” to enter the website. b The user will be required to log into the website. They can use any of their domain credentials to log in, including their 360feedback accounts. They need to be entered with DOMAIN\username format. Geowerx\name
2 Click on “Download a CA certificate, certificate chain, or CRL.

3 Click on Download CA certificate chain.

4 Save it to a place where it will be easy to access, such as the Desktop.
5 Right click the file and select Install Certificate from the menu. a 6 Click next at the first screen. a 7 Click on “Place all certificates in the following store” and click on the browse button. Select the “Trusted Root Certification Authorities.” a 8 Click OK and next.
9 Click Finish at the last screen. a 10 You will be presented with a security window. Select Yes at this window. a 11 Then select OK and you will be able to use the certificate. You should not need to reboot or log out to utilize, however, a restart may be required for third party applications. a 12 If you try to access from a Windows Mobile Phone or other device and has trouble connecting to the Certsrv site (Windows Phones seem to have this problem still), I have made a copy available at

Remote Desktop connection instructions:

When you connect to your workstation in the office, use its internal name – so rather than, you use
If you are unsure of your workstation name email support they can look it up in network information.
In order to connect, the machine you’re working on has to accept solutionwerx certificates (same as rpc/http in outlook). You can test by going to:

This machine wouldn’t be able to connect until after the certificate error is resolved. (see above…